Our School

To Educate, Motivate and Inspire Young People to Achieve in a Nurturing Environment”

Broadstones is a DFE registered independent special school. It caters for learners aged 13-16 that find traditional school settings problematic and find learning through vocational activities beneficial.

At Broadstones we specialise in helping those that may have fallen behind or out of education due to social, emotional or mental health issues to catch up and identify a clear path to post 16 education.

Our recent Ofsted report states Broadstones is a GOOD school, where learners “make good progress” and are “happy and feel safe in the school.”  “Staff are quick to form excellent relationships and re-build pupils’ self-confidence and self-esteem” and “teachers design work to meet the personal needs and interests of each pupil. As a result, pupils engage in their learning and make good gains in their progress and development.” The school’s “approach is re-building pupils’ broken understanding of how to be successful in society. Staff are skillful in nurturing and supporting pupils’ social and emotional needs.

In November 2021 we achieved the National Nurturing Schools Programme Award. The assessor’s Summary states “Their ethos statement ‘To Educate, Motivate and Inspire Young People to Achieve in a Nurturing Environment’ amply describes their approaches and understanding of nurture as being about support and challenge. Their support of young people is sensitive, compassionate, well thought out and based on building strong relationships