Back in February 2022 Broadstones embarked on an assessment process for accreditation to the Workplace Wellbeing Charter. Broadstones had to be assessed on eight rigorous standards: Leadership, Absence Management, Health & Safety, Mental Health, Smoking, Physical Activity, Healthy Eating and Alcohol; and evidence was provided.

The accreditation is awarded as recognition for an organisation’s investments in employee wellbeing.

We are very pleased to announce that on 11th May 2022 we were successful.

Workplace Wellbeing Charter said “Accreditation and award of the Workplace Wellbeing Charter demonstrate the organisation’s commitment to proactively championing health and wellbeing processes, policies, and interventions within the workplace. Having achieved The Workplace Charter accreditation, Broadstones will now achieve listed status on the Wellbeing National Charter Register, strengthening the organisation’s brand as an employer of choice.”