John Gibbins

Senior Management

Susan Gibbins (Finance & HR Director)

Susan Gibbins (Finance & HR Director)

Daniel Pastori (Head Teacher)

Elizabeth Evans (Chair of Committee)

Dave Driver ( Assistant Head Teacher)

Claudia Jamieson (The Salon Academy Manager)

Angela Wallace (Finance Manager)

Jackie Simsolo (Pastoral Manager & Learning Lead)

 Teaching Staff and Tutors

Davina Rothwell (English Teacher )

Sundeep Manik (Maths Teacher)

Claire Edwards (Science Teacher)

Maxine Mottershead (Employability and Personal Wellbeing Tutor)

Hannah Clark (Vocational Tutor)

Alex Elliott (Cycle Maintenance Tutor)

Paul Boucher (Sports Tutor)

Ben Howard (Art Tutor)

Ryan Smith (Music Tutor)

  Support Staff

Tony Foden (Construction)

 Ed Gibbins (Music/Sports)



Marie Vickers (The Salon Academy)

Danielle Stradomsky (Administration Assistant)

Intensive Outreach Support

Sue Hastings  (IOS Manager)

Ellen Adamson (IOS Deputy Manager)

Stephen Jones (IOS Tutor)


Nicola Massey (Attendance Officer)

Lunchtime staff

Louisa Hurst (Catering Assistant)

Tracy Cooke (Housekeeping)


Matt Millward (Music – Director of Rubber Soul)

Stockport Building & Joinery

Lee Donlan (Pegasus)


Elizabeth Evans (Chairperson)

Daniel Pastori (Head Teacher)

Lee Donlan (Health and Safety)

Matt Millward (Alternative Provider Representative)

Susan Gibbins (Resources)

John Gibbins (Proprietor)

Angela Wallace (GDPR)

Maxine Mottershead (Staff Representative)

Paul Hancock (Pastoral)

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