DFE Guidance for parents COVID-19

https://www.gov.uk/get-coronavirus-test?utm_source=30%20March%202021%20C19&utm_medium=Daily%20Email%20C19&utm_campaign=DfE%20C19Every day the DFE sends an email with the latest guidance on what we need to do within school to conform with guidance from the Government.  we are an independent school and so we do follow the guidance with a few extra rules in place to keep the ‘whole’ school community safe.

We carry out the lateral flow tests on staff and pupils alike, therefore alerting us to any possible positive tests.  This keeps everyone safe. We have the ‘Four Golden Rules’ which I am sure you have heard all about

  • Wash/ sanitise hands regularly – on entrance/ exit to a site, at breaks and lunchtime
  • Hand in mobile phones
  • Stay in timetabled sessions
  • Respect personal space – social distancing wherever possible.

We introduced this to prevent our small school from closing, to keep everyone safe.  We care about the health & safety of our pupils, staff and their families.

If you would like to know more information from the DFE please follow the link below


30th March 2021 update:

If you are testing at home over the Easter holidays using the home kits provided please note:

If you have a positive result you must book a PCR test to confirm the result use the link below: